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SafeGrow Activator

SafeGrow Activator

SafeGrow Activator

Proprietary Hypochlorous Horticulture Cleanser

  • Proactive Cleaning for Improved Plant Immunity

  • Optimize Operations without Disruption

  • Potent Professional Grade

  • System Descaler - Soil, Hydroponic & Aeroponic

  • Humidifier & HVAC Cleanser & Deodorizer

  • Food Safe & Non Toxic

  • Prevents Mineral Build-Up in Drip & Mist Lines

  • Hypoallergenic


HOCl is a non-toxic highly potent antimicrobial compound effectively killing a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, biofilms and spores. It is eco friendly & hypoallergenic!


SafeGrow Activator is available is:





SDS Sheet

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